Playing Cards


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1 Pack: £8.97
5 Packs: £44.60
10 Packs: £81.70
50 Packs: £262.26
100 Packs : £496.80
250 Packs: £1190.42
500 Packs: £2273.55

Quantity Pricing

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Product Description

For the perfect promotion. Our Cards can be fully personalised, so whether it’s simply your customer’s logo on one side of a standard pack, or a series of 54 different collector cards, we can provide a truly unique product!

Our Playing Cards are standard poker card size (89mm x 63mm) with 54 cards per pack. They can be produced Branded or Personalised on one side (with the reverse being the suits of a standard set of playing cards) or Fully Branded or Personalised on both sides, giving scope for a completely new game or a different use entirely.

So whether you want standard suits for ‘Patience’ or ‘Poker’, or personalised print both sides for a brand new game or use of your own – the choice is yours.

Playing Cards will be supplied in plain white boxes as standard. However, we can also produce printed branded boxes as an added extra, just ask us for a price.

Our unique production systems enable us to produce packs of Playing Cards in quantities which were previously completely cost prohibitive, from just one pack, or up to thousands. Ask us for a price if you can’t see the amount you require.

Delivery info:
Small quantities of up to 5 packs will be sent via First Class Post (allow up to 2 working days for delivery), quantities above this will be sent via next day courier