If you require a large dump bin made in the UK, take a look through our range here at YesPOS, where we can provide you with sturdy and recyclable dump bins ready for use in your retailer.

Our large dump bins come in both printed and unprinted options so that you can customise your product as required. Additionally, we offer bins in hexagonal and square shapes depending on what product you are putting in them and if you need to place them in a particular section of your property.

Not only are they cost effective, our large dump bins are fully recyclable to ensure you won’t have to stress about their disposal; allowing you to do your bit for the environment in the process.

It’s easy to order a large dump bin from our range today by purchasing direct through our website. Alternatively, you can contact us with your enquiry via [email protected] or call us at ++44 (0) 1777 714161.