Useful Info

POS stands for Point of Sale

POP stands for Point of Purchase

On the YESPOS website, these terms are used interchangably to describe in-store cardboard display materials. These are used in a number of industries to promote and arrange products in store, or to display promotional literature. As a generalisation POS is usually used to describe 2D items and POP is 3D. However, to make things a bit more confusing, the term POS (or EPOS) can also be used to describe electronic point of sale equipment used for electronic tills and billing systems. On this site, however, we are always refering to cardboard promotional materials.

A 3D POS unit usually lasts for around 3 months in-store, but this will vary depending on the usage, location, and the product you are displaying. We can also offer strengthened units that have a longer lifespan.
Once you’ve completed your order, we’ll send you a confirmation email with detailed instructions of how to send us your artwork, along with pdf guides to make the process simple and stress-free. Our customer service team are able to offer support throughout the process, should you have any questions or need advice.
Our turnaround time depends on what product you’ve ordered, and in what quantity. For example, five blank, flat packed POS units would be much quicker (around 2-3 days) for us to ship 50 full printed, hand assembled POS units (10-14 days). If you need a detailed estimate, or have an urgent deadline to meet, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to find a solution that meets your needs.
Yes, all our flat-packed POS units come with step-by-step photo assembly instructions. They’re easy to put together, even if you’ve never built a POS unit before.

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