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You can easily customise our FSDUs with your own artwork, and design them to promote your product.
These displays are ideal within both retail or exhibition environments.
They can be positioned at the end of aisles or as the name suggests the display can be freestanding allowing the customer to walk all the way around the Display.
They provide a cost-effective way of drawing attention to your promotion and displaying your branding.

Easy to Assemble

Taking less than 5 minutes to assemble.
FSDUs are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, so you can do your bit for the environment.
We are a responsible, ethical company who care about the environment.

Cost-Effective Solutions


You can add your own artwork to the units on our website, using our standard FSDU templates.

“YES POS, a product range that really delivers cost-effective solutions, on budget and on time – every time.”