Our Eco Policy

Working For A Better Environment

Working with the Carbon Trust we have invested in fuel saving equipment – a power perfector which has reduced our electricity usage by 20%.

We have replaced all our lights with LED equivalents which has reduced our usage from 38KW to just 9KW. These new bulbs also have a greater life span so the saving is further increased.

We have installed solar panels which have a rating of 155KW, which means when the sun is shining our machinery runs on 50% self produced power. We have a growing fleet of 100% electric Nissan Leaf cars which bring our staff to work with no emissions, and our MD and sales staff all drive hybrid vehicles.

This is further enhancing our total carbon footprint as a business and reducing our costs at the same time as fuel costs rise.

“YES POS has a deep commitment to the environment and strive to advance our business in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.”